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Help for Families Canada serves the Southside Edmonton, Leduc & Beaumont communities in Alberta.

Don’t wait for your concerns to turn into a crisis! Later is Harder.

The office hours are limited. The BEST, most efficient way to reach a counsellor is EMAIL.  Connect Now!.  


The Enrollment Process

Step 1: Contact the counsellor by Email Email counsellor. Let her know what counselling service you are interested in, and briefly state your concern.

Enrollment is now open for Parent Coaching. (September 15-29 -Intake )


Step 2: Schedule a convenient time to talk with a therapist on the phone.  Your time, and the effort you are now making to get help is valuable. Avoid playing phone-tag and sending messages back and forth. We want to reserve a time for us to hear your concerns for 30 minutes and we can tell you about how we might be able to help.


Step 3:  Then you will set a time for a first session to meet face to face with your counsellor in our designated office usually for 90 minutes.

New Parenting Coaching Location – Millswood

Office Hours: Wednesdays : 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Phone:   916-HELP

Please leave a confidential message if I am unavailable.

(In respect of your privacy I cannot return unidentified missed calls, so please, record a message. I want to talk to you)

Address: 3904 91 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Directions to Parenting Skills Coaching Program- Millswood, Edmonton


Yes, it is also accessible by public transit.


Other Available Office Hours: 

Monday 9 am – 7 pm

Tuesday 9 – 5 pm

Wednesday 9 – 7 pm

Friday 9 – 3 pm

Saturday 10 – 2 pm

But you may call anytime and I will call you back as soon as possible.



Other Ways To Connect With Help for Families Canada

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