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What is Parental Coaching?

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Parental coaching is a customized package of interventions tailored to suit the unique parent-child relationship you have. It combines ideas and methods from education, individual psychotherapy, family systems counselling, and strategic leadership coaching. The goal is to strengthen your capacity to engage in the important responsibilities of parenting with greater ease and efficiency so children can grow up healthier and your family can live happily ever after. (NO, we can’t translate you to a fairy-tale, but the hope is for your reality to be “HAPPY-ER”   .

Why was this Parent Education & Support Program Developed?

Parental coaching was developed out of a personal awareness that most well intentioned, popular parents training and support models do not consider the unique dynamics of the interactions between the individual parents with their individual child’s characteristics. They teach good, general “rules of thumb” child-rearing principles but deliver them to you stereotypically as if your family is part of the masses.

The average parents today struggling in relationships may seek help in an ocean of books, blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook groups, websites, seminars, classes, etc. The result are feelings of overwhelm and frustration. You make a good effort at a few interesting tips/tools but it often fails to work as expected. “How Do I know What Works For ME?” you wonder in futility. Busy, professional parents do not have the time or the energy to wade through the waves of information rushing at them. Smart, busy parents want, and deserve, something efficient and effective.

The philosophy of the Help For Families Canada’s Parent Coaching Program was birthed from the background of its founder, Tania Bryan, who spent many years training in, and developing Individual Education Plans (IEP) for children. Tania worked as a Special Education Teacher customising curricula, teaching modalities, and learning activities to meet the unique needs of elementary students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other exceptional characteristics. Combined with her extensive training in Social Work (BSW) and Counselling Psychology (M.A.), she thought:

 “Why not apply individualisations to parent education?”

Who Would Benefit from Parental Coaching

Almost any “parent” can benefit from parent coaching because it is designed for you. “Parent” incorporates biological parents, single parents, step-parents, guardians, foster parents, stay at home parents, homeschooling parents, or parent whose child in concern is adopted. Both mothers and fathers are welcomed. #mothers #fathers

Support is available if you are:

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

Troubled by the persistent difficulties s/he is experiencing in relating with a specific child or their children. The child concerned should be approximately early school-age, elementary level, i.e. aged 5 to 13 years. (The family therapy program is more appropriate for adolescents, 14 to 18 years). #kids 

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

Confused and uncertain about how to best manage a child’s inappropriate behaviors (tantrums, lack of compliance, low performance at school and home, disrespectful and hurtful comments) or anxiety. Do you want strategies that you can do, and will work for your child, so they can stop behaviors that stress your child’s relationships with family, friends, and teachers? #discipline

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

Dealing with high parent – child CONFLICT. It may involve heated arguments with harsh spoken words or, the opposite, the cold, toxic silence. In the end there is the haunting of unresolved angry and hurt feelings. Do you want more cooperation and peace in your home? #conflict #parentingtools

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

Haunted by frequent tidal waves of guilt and the sensing that you are “messing it up” too frequently. Maybe you fear making the mistakes your parents made with you? No one is perfect but you can parent from a place of internal peace. #endmomguilt #mentalhealth

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

Experiencing a general difficulty feeling and expressing warmth and affection for a specific child or children. #relationships #love

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

Feeling exhausted and depleted physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do you believe: “It’s my job to give” but secretly question, “Who is giving back to me? Don’t I deserve to get cared for too?” We believe the answer is “yes” and we will co-create with you a reasonable routine and lifestyle that promotes the balance you need.

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

Fighting with other co-parent (spouse, or former partner, or new step-parent) about irreconcilable parenting styles and philosophies. Many times conflict stem from individuals having opposing levels of knowledge of child development.

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

Living in Stony PlainNorth Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Southside Edmonton, Leduc or Beaumont.  #yeg #edmonton #stalbert #stonyplain

Healing and Transormation is happenning at Help for Families Canada

  A parent who values time within relationships as precious (especially childhood). You want to enjoy as much of your relationship. You recognize childhood never returns.


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How Does This Parent-Education Counselling Work?

  • Safe, non-judgmental, private environment where you are free to be as you truly are.
  • Multi – Dimensional, Comprehensive Assessment process.
  • Live, Face-to-Face in-depth 90-120 minutes consultation sessions that allows you time and space to work fully through issues and not have your process interrupted.
  • Customized treatment plan based on the assessment, your personal goals, and resources. “NO FLUFF curriculum” – only the skills and information YOU want and need.
  • Demonstrations, role-play rehearsals, live coaching of interactions between you and your child, assigned out of session follow-up activities, etc. These modalities are all tailored to step by step build your competence and confidence in the skills of effective parenting.
  • Playful, creative expressive interventions that engages all aspects of your being (mind, heart, body & spirit). This might include art, re-enactments, sandtray work, game-playing, movement, writing, etc.
  • Access to a library of books, articles, cheat-sheets, games, and other resources.
  • Opportunities to access telephone or online support in between sessions for a limited time. (Find out more at your intake).
  • Accountability promise. There are structures within our program to ensure you are MAKING THE PROGRESS THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR. (Find out more at your intake session).
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Online Therapy Version

We have now launched a short-term version of our exclusive program to families in Alberta, Canada who are unable to travel in to our office for face to face meetings.  Ask about this option in your phone inquiry call.

How DO I Enroll in this Parent-Child Relationship Classes?

There are less openings for you over the winter season for parenting one to one courses. We are here for you weekdays during the day plus a few hours on select Saturdays too.

To get started, Book Online an appointment for a Free Phone Consultation.


In our Free Phone Consult, Tania will call you at the appointed time and discuss your concerns and give you more information about the program & Help for Families Canada and, answer any questions you may have. This conversation is not an obligation to join. But if you do decide at the end of the conversation to enroll, you will then schedule your first session and begin your guided journey towards becoming the parent you and your family need you to be.


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