Child & Adolescent Play Therapy

Support for Kids With Emotional & Behaviour Problems

Are you a parent, class teacher,  social worker, or minister who are worried about the welfare of a particular child?

Yes?… then I am happy to tell you about how I might be able to help.

I got into the field of counselling because of my own challenges as a child. This personal struggle has equipped and motivated me to become a specialist who understands the problems kids face. My quiet accepting personality has helped me put many kids at ease and make them feel safe. The tools of play therapy I have developed over 20 years are shared with children in a way they can apply to their lives.

Impact of Play Therapy

Play Therapy at Help for Families Canada  transforms problematic children to progressing children.

For a more detailed description of what is play therapy read our blog post – How Play Helps Your Child Heal


Some Common Problems We Help You Resolve

Some of the individual issues I may be able to help you or your child address include:

Help for Families icon  Worries and Fears (Read more about help for: Anxiety Disorders)

Help for Families icon Anger and Hostility

Help for Families icon   Low Self-Esteem

Help for Families icon  Sadness, Depression, and Grief (eg. parents’ divorce, death of loved one)

Help for Families icon   ADHD or Childhood Hyperactivity

Help for Families icon   Perfectionism

Help for Families icon   Indecision and Confusion

Help for Families icon  Shyness, Difficulty in Friendships and Peer Relationship

Help for Families icon   Discipline Issues with General Child Behaviour Problems

Help for Families icon   Highly Sensitive or Empath (HSP)


With early intervention your child or yourself can acquire the skills and strategies he/she needs to live a healthy, happy life. Don’t delay, CONTACT US Today.

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