About Tania


I am Tania Bryan the child and family therapist and founder of Help for Families Canada-Counseling and Consulting. I have extensive and diverse experience working with children, youth, and families for over 20 years in professional and voluntary sectors. Leading with a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Simon Fraser University, I also bring the qualifications of a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and a Teachers Certificate in Special Education to inform how I support and advocate for children and families in this private practice as well as in the community.

Help for Families Canada is not related or affiliated with any other similar named organisation in Canada or internationally.

Why I Help and Love it?  

My passion for helping children grew out of my awareness of my own yearnings to be accepted and understood as a child. I had an okay childhood, but I was always “different”, “odd one out” because I was quiet, very sensitive, and calm in comparison to others who were loud, unfiltered in their expressions (too often harshly) and dramatic. Throughout my adolescence I struggled through the storms of parent-teen conflicts – criticism, feeling unworthy and, suppressed feelings, thoughts, and opinions. I grew up in the era and culture where children were “seen and not heard” and “did as they were told”. It was not until into my adulthood as social work student that I gained real insight into the generational family dynamics that limited well-meaning parents from expressing their love and affection. Insight led to personal growth and relationship repair. Today, helping parents to relate with and support their child is a primary goal of my practice.

My Qualifications 

–  A Certified Canadian Counsellor (C.C.C.) with  – Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association

  • Member of the Association of Counselling Therapist of Alberta – #1947

–  A member of  the Canadian Association of Play Therapy (CACPT)

  • CAPT Certification Levels 1, 2 & 3 completed
  • 15 years of professional development Play therapy courses via BCPTA
  •  Persuant of registration as a Registered/Certified Play Therapist

My  Treatment Approach

I take a family systems approach to supporting children and families. That is, even though I may see a client individually in therapy, I view all members of the family as equally affected by the “problem” and equally deserving of help and support. Whenever possible I seek to include family members in treatment.

I am trained in directive and non-directive forms of play therapy, art therapy,  attachment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Gestalt, and client-centered approaches. I also have experience in pastoral counselling for clients who seek a faith-based counselling approach. However, my aim is to adapt my approach to meet your needs, interests, and treatment goals.

Let’s Talk

I invite you to schedule online a time  to talk with me about your concerns and express any reservations you may have about starting therapy.

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More Personal Stuff About Me:

I am also

  • Wife to the man who I met as a friend and grew to love, and continue to love for 20+ years
  • Mother to 2 children who are my teachers, testing ground, and inspiration.  The elder is now entering the zone of puberty and adolescence. The younger is bridging out of the princess phase and becoming…
  • I am recovered from a major critical disease and still fighting other health impairments today but I know my life has purpose therefore, I refuse to be restrained or limited. Consequently  I practise and preach self-care to everyone, especially to sensitive, care-giving, women and mothers.
  • A fiercely loyal friend. I am with you through everything. I only have  minimal friends in my circle of intimacy.
  • I am a private person. I have learnt some tricks to manage or mask my shyness and social anxiety but I am extremely uncomfortable with the public spotlight. I’m disclosing this because my marketing resource has told me that prospective clients and partners are “turned off” because they don’t see my face on my sites.  I sigh.  I don’t post personal pics because I am uncomfortable with it.  I am not hiding because I am fake or unreal. I am living my values and doing so confidently because… this is my company, and I can. I will serve those whom I am meant to serve.