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At Help for Families Canada I offer specialised types of counselling services: Child & Individual Therapy, Parental Coaching,  and Family Therapy  (see below for details). Appointments are available in the daytime, evenings and weekends for your convenience in Downtown & Southside Edmonton.

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Child & Individual Counselling

Kids Counselling Behaviour Problems Leduc Beaumont

I Feel Good Now!

Though I specialise in helping children, aged 5-12 years, I also help adolescents and adults resolve challenging emotional and relationship issues.

Some Common Problems We Help You Resolve

Some of the individual issues I may be able to help you or your child address include:

Help for Families icon  Worries and Fears (Read more about help for: Anxiety Disorders)

Help for Families icon Anger and Hostility

Help for Families icon   Low Self-Esteem

Help for Families icon  Sadness, Depression, and Grief (eg. parents’ divorce, death of loved one)

Help for Families icon   ADHD or Childhood Hyperactivity

Help for Families icon   Perfectionism

Help for Families icon   Indecision and Confusion

Help for Families icon  Shyness, Difficulty in Friendships and Peer Relationship

Help for Families icon   Discipline Issues with General Child Behaviour Problems

With early intervention your child or yourself can acquire the skills and strategies he/she needs to live a healthy, happy life. Don’t delay, CONTACT US Today.

Downtown Edmonton office with playroom now open. Accepting New Clients.

(New Enrollment Appointments Opening Up Family Day, 2018)

Parental Coaching

Parenting Classes for Moms & Dads South Edmonton

Keeping Families Connected at Help for Families Canada

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out as a parent? From time to time we all feel stuck in our capacity to raise our child/ren, or struggle with the loss of enjoyment in the parenting role. (I developed this program after struggling through many issues with my own child; I understand and won’t judge). Parental coaching is a customised combination of elements of parent education and therapy to address the very specific dynamics; inherent strengths and needs; and circumstances around your unique parent-child relationship. Asking  for help as a parent doesn’t mean you are weak or have failed as a parent, it means you value your relationship with your child enough to recognise your struggles and still have the hope of strengthening it.

Find Out More About Parenting Skills Education

Family Counselling

If there is a problem in your life that is affecting other members of your family (spouse or children) we are here to support the entire unit. Some issues families seek help with include

  • Co-parenting Conflict (Divorce or Intact Relationships)

  • Blending Families

  • Sibling Conflict

  • Recent immigration and settlement challenges

  • Resolving Work-Life “Balance”

  • Integration of a foster or adopted child

  • Changes  in Career or Economic Situation

  • Behavioural issues of a child with special needs

  • Challenges with School-Home Partnership

  • Couples Conflict or Disconnect.

Are You Wondering If Counselling is for You? Are You Apprehensive?

We Have Answers To Some of Your Questions About Therapy. Find your question and suggested solution on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still have questions you are invited to book a free no-obligation phone consultation.

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Help for Families Canada serves neighbourhoods of

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South – Summerside, Ellerslie, Glen Ridding, Heritage Valley, Terwillegar, Windermere of South Edmonton and extends to Leduc and Beaumont.

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