Family Therapy

What is Family Counselling?

Family counselling is a process of helping a family unit to resolve individual or shared problems. The counsellor invites a number of family members to attend sessions together. During family counselling each family member will have opportunity to express their personal experience of the “issues”, their opinions and feelings. The counsellor will help the family reflect on how the relationships between members influences and is influenced by the issue. By strategically shifting the way family members relate to each other and the problem, the family counsellor tries to help all the members of the family to feel empowered and transformed to overcome or master its origonal challenge.


What happens in Family Therapy at Help for Families Canada

Help for Families Canada applies a play based experiential model of family systems work. Families are engaged in talk as well as interactive, fun, playful activities. Some family play therapy activities may include: game playing, puppetry, story-telling, art, sandtray, etc.


Problems We Might Address in Family Therapy

No family is perfect. Every family on the planet has issues. Therefore almost every household is a good candidate for family counselling, in my biased opinion. Some of the issues that are most commonly seen in therapy include:

  • Co-parenting Conflict (Divorce or Intact Relationships)

  • Blending Families

  • Sibling Conflict

  • Recent immigration and settlement challenges

  • Resolving Work-Life “Balance”

  • Integration of a foster or adopted child

  • Changes  in Career or Economic Situation

  • Behavioural issues of a child with special needs

  • Challenges with School-Home Partnership

  • Couples Conflict or Disconnect.


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