Faith Based Child & Family Counselling

Christian Counselling for Kids, Parents, and Families

Help for Families Canada offers faith based counseling to Christian families in  Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, and local surrounding areas in onsite. Online or phone therapy is available for some situations. Our practices and values are supportive of, (and not resistant to) your spiritual, biblical lifestyle.

Christian faith counseling families, parents, & kids
Help for Families of Faith

Our Mental Health Therapy Services

  1. Individual Psychotherapy – children & teen, and adult counseling

  2. Biblical Parenting Training (see GPS below)

  3. Marriage Preparation course for engaged couples

  4. Relationship counselling for Christian marriages

  5. Family counseling

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Sliding Scale available for persons who do not have extended health coverage.  Some EAP programs covers short-term counselling. VAC Health Identification Card Accepted with Direct Billing.



Problems we help kids solve in therapy 

  • Anxiety disorder, chronic fears, and persistent worries

  • Anger, aggression, and temper tantrums

  • Adjustment to parents’ separation or divorce

  • Loss or death of a loved one, or frequent parent absence (work)

  • Depression, Ongoing Sadness, Hopelessness

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – Impulsivity

  • Learning struggles or academic underperformance

  • Shyness or Difficulty Building Friendships

  • Low self esteem

  • Other Behavioural or Discipline Problems

  • Biblical Faith Counseling for Children in Beaumont & Summerside
    Play Therapy for Kids at Help for Families Canada

How Does Biblical Therapy Work?

Christian counselling is not a niche our brand is trying to reach. Help for Families Canada was birthed out of the calling. Our mission, vision, values, operations, and interventions are grounded in the principles of Christian ministry.

  • The Spirit of God is acknowledged and depended upon as the ultimate source of healing
  • The scripture – the Word of God is given pre–eminence over psychology texts, popular theories, and ideas proposed by prominent psychologists about behavior and how it heals. It is biblical counseling.
  • Prayer is encouraged in and out of sessions
  • We frequently reflect on the question: “what does the word say?”
  • Be your uncensored self in a Compassionate, non-judgemental atmosphere. We all are imperfect and living by grace. Your faith will not be used as a weapon to shame you or beat you down. I desire to be my brother’s keeper.

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God’s Parenting System (GPS)

A Unique Christian Child-Rearing Program

Christian Parent Class Training Support Edmonton South - Help FamiliesGod instructed parents to “Train up your child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6). God does this because your child was created with a good and unique plan (Jeremiah 29:11).

But, though parenting is very challenging, God did not leave you comfortless. Mothers and fathers, there is a grace that is sufficient for you. The grace is accessed when you are leading your child “In The Way”. Your parenting style is empowered when submitted to God.

How We Get Lost in Parenting

The way is:

  • not your way
  • not your child’s way or their desires
  • not in the way like how your neighbours and friends parent
  • not in the way you were parented.

The way is foreknown (Jeremiah 1:5) and already prepared, and ordered (Psalm 27:33) according to those plans (Jeremiah 29:11) that God purposed for your unique child.

We Help You Find “The Way”

The G.P.S. is the God inspired wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that directs your parenting path. It is a road map for parenting your unique child which is customized for you, as a unique parent, so that you are empowered and equipped to walk the journey successfully.

I would be honoured if you’ll allow me to be your parenting coach. Trust me to be the voice guiding you as I hold your hand walking alongside you on your journey of parenting. In our work together you will receive compassionate, step by step training so that your parent-child relationship is transformed from stressed and combative to peaceful and co-operative.

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Additional Course for your Parenting Struggles-Christian Counselling

Also available as a separate program is “Self-Care Is Family Care”. Do you feel stretched in a tug-or-war between in the demanding roles of mother, wife, family member, professional or business owner, and church servant? Self-Care is a structured, personalised course to help caring, ambitious women achieve and maintain greater balance and greater joy.  Ask about this short-term training by booking a free phone consultation now.

If you are a leader of a small group or ministry and would like to explore the possibility of inviting me to speak to your small group or local event, contact me.

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