Surprising Tools Your Dollar Store Has To Help With Homework

Items A Parent Of A Child with ADHD or a Learning Disability Must Have

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Homework time can feel like Hell. (Pardon me for the language, but if you live it, you know what I mean). As a former special education teacher, and a mom with a child with attention and hyperactive behaviours, I know how challenging it can be to get an unmotivated, unfocused, easily frustrated child to start, and (dare to dream) … complete a homework assignment. Until the school boards approve homework in video-gaming app format, here are some cheap, easy to find Dollarstore items (#tools) that will help ease the agony. (#adhd, #learningdisabilities)

  1. Ear plugs — Useful to minimizes auditory distractions.
  2. Dry erase board— create weekly calendar of when assignments are due. For the child with a learning disability you may colour code by subject (blue – Math, Yellow – Language Arts). #dyslexia
  3. Checklist pad — task manager. Itemize steps or tasks involved with doing larger projects
  4. Small Squishy Ball — small air or foam filled balls for squishing and fidgeting while working.

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5. Digital Kitchen Timer — Necessity for ADHD child. Set time goals for them to complete segments of their assignment. Set time for movement breaks or approved off-task breaks.

6. Foamcore boards or 3-Paneled Project boards — Create a personal space zone at desk or table to reduce distractions. Very helpful you have siblings working together in same space (e.g. shared kitchen island)

7. Chewing Gum — Provides oral stimulation, (repeated motor action)  which may help some children focus.


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Find  Local  (Edmonton) Dollar Stores for Homework Tools

Wondering what are the dollar stores serving your neighborhoods of St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Ellerslie, or Summerside in Edmonton? Check out

The Dollar Tree

–         2 locations: Calgary Trail and 28 Avenue

Dollar N Plus

–      Heritage Valley off 111 Street


–        South Edmonton Common

Live in another city in Canada or the US? Find one in Google Maps


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6 thoughts on “Surprising Tools Your Dollar Store Has To Help With Homework

  1. The dry erase board is an excellent tool – used mostly by us as a teaching aid for reinforcing concepts.

    We used to rely on the timer when SN kid was younger, and it was also helpful to set boundaries and manage expectations.

    We will try the gum – which undoubtedly will be crowd favorite.

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. You are welcome Andrea. Thanks for the added tip on the dry erase boards. They are great for brainstorming and working through ideas, quick easy erase to edit, as well for giving instruction as a parent. Keep in touch, I value my readers’ input.

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